Kaytience Deville
Hi, my name is Kaytience Deville, and I am 16 years old in the 10th grade. I am very shy around new people, and I get very nervous in front of a lot of people. I also love animals. I am the oldest child with a younger sister and a younger brother. Some of my hobbies are art, listening to music, making new outfits, planting flowers, photography, writing books, and decorating my room. My favorite hobby is art because it's relaxing and very fun to do, especially with soft music in the background. I am in Student Council, and I’m also a member of the newspaper staff. I hope to become better in art and photography, so I can become an artist and a photographer. Since I love animals, I want to be a veterinarian or something close to it. I'm not too sure about what school I want to go to after high school.

Kaytience Deville, Assistant Photo Editor

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Kaytience Deville