Kaine Guidry Joins Teaching Staff


Travis Hayes, Staff Writer

With the start of the 2017-18 school year, Crowley High said hello to civics/physical education teacher Kaine Guidry.

Guidry, 30, stated he enjoys being at Crowley High.  “I like it a lot.  I love the laid back atmosphere.”  

He admitted that it feels rewarding to teach civics.   “I like teaching basic rights to students.”

Prior to joining the CHS staff, Guidry coached at Notre Dame of Acadia Parish High School for three years, Rayne High for four years, and North Crowley Elementary for three years.

Guidry mentioned it was a dream of his to coach since he was in middle school.

He graduated from Rayne High in 2005, and then went to McNeese State University in Lake Charles to earn a Bachelor’s degree in health and physical education along with a Master’s in educational leadership.   

Guidry also coaches track and field.  

He currently lives in Rayne with his wife Brittany and their 3-year-old son Lee-Michael.

Growing up, Guidry mostly played baseball and football, but he also participated in basketball for a short time.  

Guidry enjoys working with the other coaches, too. He said, “I feel like with all the time we spend together, we really get to know each other and respect one another.”

He said coaching and teaching at the same time isn’t hard, and it come with the territory. “My philosophy of coaching is to put the important things first, like faith and education.  I believe that if we take care of the little things and do things the right way, then the wins will come.  We coach student athletes; they are students before athletes, so the relationship between the two go hand in hand.”  

He likes to encourage his athletes to compete in as many sports as they can, and he tries to motivate them to give maximum participation.

When communicating with plans and expectations to parents, Guidry said,  “Most of the time our plans and expectations go through the athletes, but our door is always open to our student athlete parents.

When communicating with the players the coaches try to communicate their expectations to their athletes on a daily basis. They spend a lot of time around theses kids and constantly remind them of plans and what is expected of them.

He likes to remind his athletes of his favorite quote, which is  to “trust the process.” He said, “Too many times athletes like to worry about the product instead of focusing on the process.  If we trust the process, then the product will take care of itself and be great.”

When his son was born on June 21, 2014, Guidry became more focused on his career and the important things.  

Guidry mentioned that Notre Dame head coach Lewis Cook was the first coach he worked for and a big part of why he stuck with coaching.  He said he’s known Cook for much longer, and he has had a big impact on his coaching career. Coach Cook is probably his biggest role model in the coaching world.

Freshman Kendall Richard is one of Guidry’s civics students and football players.  Richard stated, “What I like about civics is that you are learning about how the government works.”  He also gave his opinion of Guidry as his coach. “He is a really good coach; he will walk you through plays, and he works with you on your struggles to make you a better player.”

Coaching along with Guidry is Stuart Cook. “It is very fun. I have been knowing coach Kaine for a very long time and it’s nice to get to coach with him.” Cook states that sharing the same classroom has not been as bad as he thought it would be. “It’s been pretty smooth so far,” he says.

“During the middle of our football season it wasn’t as fun as it has been. But you just have to keep working hard and see where that takes you.” Cook says the most memorable moment shared with Kaine was “My junior year in high school coach Kaine coached me. Our team went 15-0 and won the state championship.”

Kaine used to umpire Cook’s games when he was eight years old. Cook states, “I do like how he coaches, there are times when it is fun and you can joke around a little bit and when it’s time to get things done he makes sure that they get done.”