Former Student-athlete Kyron Benoit Takes Over as Gent Head Coach

Kyron Benoit was recently promoted from defensive coordinator to athletic director/head coach of the Crowley Gents.

Photo courtesy of Petry Photography

Kyron Benoit was recently promoted from defensive coordinator to athletic director/head coach of the Crowley Gents.

Ty'Darius Freddie , Photo Editor

Former Crowley High student-athlete and current coach Kyron Benoit was recently promoted from defensive coordinator to athletic director/head football coach.

Benoit was at the Bobcat Relays in Eunice when Principal Timothy Boudreaux called to tell him the news.  “I was in disbelief,” recalled Benoit.  “I was surprised that I was chosen to be the head coach.”

Benoit replaced Jeptha Wall, who left for an administrative position at Iota High School.

He credited his mom for helping him get to this point.  “A lot of people have had an impact on me, but number one is my mother.   I love her for all that she has done,”  Benoit stated.  “She did whatever it took for me to be where I am today.

“When I first started playing football, it was hard for us to get transportation, but that didn’t stop her.  She did whatever it took to get me to practice.”

Benoit admitted that a few years ago he did not see himself as a high school coach at all, much less the Crowley High head coach.  “Coaching was never anything I wanted to do, but an opportunity was presented to me by my coaches in college,” he said.

Once he became the Crowley High defensive coordinator, he thought about becoming the CHS head coach.  “I made the decision four years ago.  Seeing how much success I was having as a student, I thought maybe I would be good as a head coach.”

Crowley Gents coach Kyron Benoit speaks to senior Austin Fuselier during the Cecilia football game. Benoit was recently named the CHS head coach/athletic director. (Ty’Darius Freddie )

Benoit mentioned who motivated him to apply for the position.  “I had a lot of motivation, one being the kids because I have walked these same halls, and I see potential in a lot of them.  Coaches (Mercedes) Rogers and (Andy) Hargroder also inspired me to apply for this position.”

He admitted that the football players were the main reason he decided to apply.  “They were begging me to apply, not knowing that I had already applied.”

Benoit, 31, who has been coaching at CHS since 2012, will continue as a physical education teacher and the girls track coach.

He explained why he decided to remain as the girls track coach. “That’s something I’ve been doing for the past three years, and I couldn’t imagine quitting on them mid-season because it has been a great experience.”

He admitted that his new position is not going the way he expected.   “It is going a lot better than I expected,  I have been overwhelmed with the support.”

Benoit explained what being the athletic director entails. “I oversee the whole department and see how everything’s going. Any questions that the LHSAA (Louisiana High School Athletic Association) asks, I have to answer.

“It is a big change for me as the athletic director,” he admitted. “It is more  on the administrative side of things, and it is my first time having that kind of responsibility.”

Crowley High coaches, from left Kyron Benoit, Kyle Smith, Darren Arceneaux, and Andy Hargroder roam the sidelines during a football game. (Ty’Darius Freddie )

Benoit said he plans on making many improvements to the athletic department. “The number one factor I am working on is student participation.  I want to have more students involved in sports,” he stated.  “The biggest thing we are going to do is build pride in our program and reward them for everything they do correctly to encourage others to want to play football.

“I’m also working on changing the athlete’s mentality,” he continued.  I want them to respect themselves, the program, and the culture that we are implementing.”

On May 15, Benoit executed part of his strategy by having the football players pick up trash around the city of Crowley.

Benoit is also making academics a priority as he is requiring all of the football players to turn in weekly progress reports.

He is also working on having the community more involved.  “I’ve been going face to face letting them know who we are, what we stand for, and giving them ideas on what we plan to do for our young adults.”

Benoit, who  graduated from Crowley High in 2008, was a four-year starter and helped the Gents to the team’s only second undefeated season in 2006.

He then signed a football scholarship with UL-Lafayette and switched to linebacker.  His athletic career ended abruptly when he suffered an injury in his final season.

Benoit had one final comment.  “Thank you to Ty’Darius Freddie for including me in his story, bearing with me, and taking his time,” he said. “I want to thank him for his amazing questions and his hard work.”