Crowley High Presents 14 Academic Jackets

Senior Sierra Primeaux received her academic jacket with a 4.0 grade-point average..

Ty'Darius Freddie , Photo Editor

Seniors Sierra Primeaux, Logan Vidrine, Sebastian Chaillot, and Kaylie Myers were among the 14 Crowley High School students who received academic jackets earlier this year during the Academic Scholars Reception.

Assistant Principal Tammy Meche emailed the recipients a formal letter from Principal Timothy Boudreaux inviting them to the ceremony. 

Boudreaux and virtual teacher William Pinac, a former CHS adviser, presented the jackets to the students.

Senior Sierra Primeaux received her academic jacket with a 4.0 grade-point average. (Meagan McCoy)

Primeaux, who has a 4.0 grade-point average, mentioned what she would tell someone to inspire them to try to make good grades. “I’d tell them to push themselves to do their absolute best, even when it’s hard,” she said. “It sounds so cliche’, but I think believing you have potential plays a large part in actually unlocking those abilities you didn’t know you had.”

The 18-year-old went on to explain what having an academic jacket means to her. “It’s definitely a great accomplishment. My grades have always been important to me. There’s no better feeling than acing a test or getting the grade you’ve worked really hard for. So receiving an academic jacket means that my hardwork has been recognized and I appreciate that.”

During her years at CHS, Primeaux has been in the National Honor Society, the French Club, the Interact Club, FCCLA, and the Drama Club.

Primeaux said many of her favorite memories from high school pertain to the Drama Club.  “The thrill and anticipation of waiting backstage for my cue to go on as the Wicked Witch was something I remember fondly. Goofing off backstage and having that bond with the cast are good memories too.”

The character Primeaux enjoyed playing the most was Ursula in the recent production of “The Little Mermaid.”  She said, “(This) character was so demanding, and she’s full of attitude and spite.  It’s really fun to get to try to portray that.”

Primeaux didn’t want to choose a favorite teacher.  “Every teacher I’ve had here has inspired me in different ways. They’re all fantastic. However, the first that comes to mind is Mrs.Watson. She takes a lot of personal interest in each one of us and I value that. Plus she gives us plenty of opportunities to express our thoughts and feelings without saying they’re ‘wrong.’”

Primeaux, who made a 27 on her ACT, plans to attend the University of Pennsylvania. “I chose this school because of how renowned its nursing school is. However if that fails, I’ll plan to attend the University of Virginia since I’ve been accepted there already.¨

She plans to study psychiatric nursing. “Mental health used to be something taboo that no one talked about,” she mentioned.  “In this day and age, it’s becoming something less frowned upon, and I’d love to be able to help others navigate their feelings/thoughts.”

Primeaux admitted she will definitely miss CHS. “It’s been a comfort zone for me for the past four years. I think my friends and some of my favorite teachers will be what I miss the most.”

Senior Logan Vidrine received his academic jacket with a 3.9 grade-point average. (Meagan McCoy)

Vidrine, 18, explained the significance of the jacket to him. “It’s a huge accomplishment to me. Very few students out of the senior class are selected to receive one. I feel honored that my hard work has paid off.”

How would he try to inspire someone to try to make good grades?  “The future is bright for everyone,” he said.  “Make the best effort to make good grades, so you can be that person who has an awesome story.”

He also mentioned that math teacher Charlie Freed has been his toughest teacher. “He’s the only class I have to actually try my hardest.”  But, he’s also his favorite teacher.  “We have many similarities when it comes to stuff out of school.”

Vidrince was a catcher on the baseball team all four years, and they made the playoffs every year.  He also played on a travel ball team where they placed second in state.  

He admitted that former CHS coach Corde McCall was his favorite.  “He has taught me everything I know and my ability to play the game.”

Vidrine also played football for one year where he started at quarterback.

Vidrine, who has a 3.9 GPA and an 18 ACT score, plans to go to Louisiana State University at Eunice, followed by a university to finish his studies. He also plans to play baseball in college.

Vidrine admitted he will miss Crowley High School. “CHS is where most of my memories took place, good or bad (like) cutting up with all of my friends when we weren’t supposed to.”

He had one final comment to add. ¨Pineapples shouldn’t be on pizza.¨ 

Senior Sebastian Chaillot received his academic jacket with a 3.75 grade-point average. (Meagan McCoy)

Chaillot, who has a 3.75 GPA and a 26 ACT score, mentioned what the jacket means to him. ¨It means the physical embodiment of academic achievement.¨

He shared what he would tell someone to inspire them to make good grades. “Getting better grades is being the best version of yourself.  Even if the work gets hard, don’t give up, because it is more of a life lesson rather than an academic one. Do the work that you have to and you will be rewarded.”

Chaillot has been in the high school band for four years and was the drum captain for two years. ¨I play percussion because the instruments are so versatile, and the beat of a song is always my favorite part to listen to.¨

Besides being in the band, he was in the French Club and the Drama Club both for one year.  He played Sebastian the Crab in a recent production of the school’s play, “The Little Mermaid.”

French teacher Dr. Theodore Akohoue is Chaillot’s favorite.  “He is always interesting to talk to and tells great stories.”

Chaillot, 17, plans to go to Louisiana State University at Eunice then transfer to UL-Lafayette

to earn a degree in music media.¨Music is in my soul, and I hope to be able to show the world my creativity in time.”

Senior Kaylie Myers received her academic jacket with a 3.75 grade-point average. (Meagan McCoy)

Myers, 17 explained what the academic jacket means to her. ¨Ever since I started high school, it has been a goal of mine to receive an academic jacket,” she said. “I was so excited when I found out that I was going to get one because it was something I had wanted for so long.¨

Myers, who has a 3.75 grade-point average, was in the National Honor Society for three years, and Yearbook and the French Club both for two years.

“My yearbook class was probably one of my favorite things about high school,” she recalled. “Although I didn’t take it this year, it still helped the last two years of school stay fun and interesting.”

Myers admitted that math teacher Charlie Freed was her toughest teacher.  “One-hundred percent Freed.  His class was so hard.  I still don’t know how I passed.”

She mentioned that she will miss high school.  “Many of my classmates do not agree, but I know I’ll miss high school.  The idea of having to grow up and be an adult in this world is scary.”

Myers plans to major in general studies. “I like the idea that if I change my mind on whatever I am doing in life, and decide to do something else, that I would be able to.”

She plans to go to a college that is close to home.

Daegan Castille, Jamaria Collins, Angelo Cuccio, Sophia Fontenot, Dakota Forrest, Madeline Foster, Kenaria Hudson, Nick Lucero, Veranas ¨TJ¨ Mire, and Caylin Trahan, also received academic jackets.