Meche Returns to Crowley High as Assistant Principal


Madeline Foster

Tammy Meche returned to her Alma Mater in September as assistant principal.

Madeline Foster, Editor-in-chief

Editor’s Note:  Tammy Meche has been named the new principal of Estherwood Elementary  School and will begin working there full-time on April 19.

With the start of the 2020-2021 school year, Tammy Meche decided to return to Crowley High School as assistant principal in charge of curriculum and instruction. 

She explained how she found out about the job opening. As the Acadia Parish Federal Programs Facilitator, Meche began working with Principal Timothy Boudreaux at Crowley High in Aug. 2020. “The position opened, and I decided to apply. The opportunity to return to my alma mater was very appealing,” commented Meche. “I missed the direct contact with students and teachers.”

Meche has worked in education for 18 years and has also served as an assistant principal at Rayne High. She previously taught business classes at Iota High and Eunice High

Boudreaux, who has known Meche for about 15 years, gave his first impression of her. “She is very energetic and has a passion for helping students.”

He explained how she has supported him this school year. “She has helped me by using her skills and multitasking, and her ability to take care of many different tasks is a tremendous help.”

Boudreaux admitted he enjoys working with her. “Not only is she efficient, but she has a positive attitude.”

 He added that she has made an impact on this school. “I think it goes back to her passion for helping students and finding non-traditional ways to help students.” 

Meche mentioned the importance of this job. “This position impacts student learning,” she stated.  “My personal philosophy is that nothing is more important than student learning. Knowledge is power.”

Her goal for the school is to have “every minute of the class period focused on student learning (and) building lifelong learners.” 

Meche acknowledged that her days are not typical. “My favorite part of the job is working with the teachers and being in the classroom,” she said. “I love the teachers and students at CHS!”

She admitted that this school year has been anything but normal, as Meche said there are too many challenges that COVID-19 has presented to even mention. “The greatest challenge is the level of anxiety many people are carrying.”

Born and raised in Crowley, Meche graduated from Crowley High and also taught business classes at CHS. When she graduated from CHS with a 3.75 grade-point average, she was named to the school’s Hall of Fame. This meant the most to her because her father, brother, sister, and uncles also received the award. 

During high school, she was in Student Council, where she was president, the National Honor Society, and the Key Club. She was also in cheerleading. 

She mentioned that her favorite clubs were Student Council and cheerleading. “Both supported students and created opportunities for students to get involved and lead,” replied Meche. 

Meche graduated from Louisiana Tech University where she studied accounting and business education.

Outside of school, she enjoys art, music, and theatre. She loves to read and enjoy books about spy and espionage.