Kibodeaux Says Goodbye to Crowley High


Photo courtesy of Lacey Kibodeaux

Lacey Kibodeaux enjoys herself at Crowley High School.

Lacey Kibodeaux, 2017-19 Staff Writer

Crowley High, what an eventful four years!   CHS is where dreams and life begins. You take your first steps of what the world is going to be like when you walk through those doors each and every day. 

When you get to CHS, you think it’s just another school another year, but truly, it is where you find out who is real and who will stay in your life. You find out what you want to be for the rest of your life. Freshman year; I was scared.  I had no clue what was going to happen and I still don’t. They say you have to go to college for a great job, but how do you do that if you can’t even afford college in the first place? They want to get you ready for college, but what happens when you’re not ready. What happens if you’re still scared and worried. I’m ready to say goodbye to high school, but I’m not ready to say hello to the real world.

Lacey Kibodeaux poses for her graduation pictures. (Photo courtesy of Lacey Kibodeaux)

I would like to thank each and every one of my teachers that took the time out, even though it was their job to teach me, but I am thankful. But, I want to thank Mr. Hebert and Ms. Habets for being there when I was struggling with work, and they took the time out to explain how and what my mistakes were when no one else would.  Y’all both helped me to change my high school years around. 

When I started at CHS, I had a lot of friends, but things change over there and at the end of all those years, I was left with one true person, Mackenzie Nelson, who has not left my side, even though we both have really big things in our life that are going on at the moment, so thank you Kenzie for not leaving me. 

I got engaged my senior year and having people find that out was very hard because everyone had an opinion about it, but what mattered was what I thought about it, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Lacey Kibodeaux poses for her graduation picture. (Photo courtesy of Lacey Kibodeaux)

One minute you’re walking through the door the first time, and the next, you’re walking to graduation.  Time flies faster than you can imagine. I wouldn’t have made it through high school if I didn’t have any support, so I want to also thank my mom Elaine, my stepmom Angel, my dad John, my mawmaw Deanie, and most importantly, my fiance Caanan. 

One last thing, thank you Crowley High School for letting me get a head start on life, thank you for pushing me when I needed a push, thank you for letting me grow, for letting me get to know myself, and for showing me my roots.