High School Teaches Lessons to Handy


Photo courtesy of Armani Handy

Armani Handy poses for one of her senior pictures.

Armani Handy, 2017-19 Staff Writer

I still can’t believe it…I feel like it was just yesterday I was a freshman trying to fit in and find a place at Crowley High. Many memories are in the walls of Crowley High and many tears were shed behind those big two doors.

Freshmen year was my best year honestly.  It taught me that it’s okay not to fit in, and honestly, you really don’t need to. Freshmen year is the scariest year because of the simple fact you don’t know what to expect.

Parents always say that “Oh before you know it, you will be a senior and graduating.” I never knew how true that was until now. Like time is flying by so quickly.

My biggest regret in high school was not taking it seriously and worrying about fitting in. The thing is about high school is you are learning yourself and learning who you truly are. You are learning where you belong in this world. 

Sophomore year was a little slow because you went through a year already with the same routine, so you’re kinda over it. All you hear is, “I can’t wait to be finished with high school!” The ugly truth is… Yes, you can wait!.”  I’m saying this because this world owes you absolutely nothing. Adulthood is so hard, and to this day, I wish I didn’t rush growing up. I wish I would’ve taken advantage of not working and only focusing on school.

Junior year, I am telling you that it will go by so quickly in a blink of an eye. It will be time for the ring ceremony, and then before you know it, you’re a senior. Junior year, in my opinion, is one of the quickest years aside from senior year if I am being honest. My junior year went by so fast; I feel like I closed my eyes and I was a senior, an upperclassman. 

Graduation is here, and it is one of the proudest but saddest moments in my life. It’s sad because Crowley High is all I know and going into a new environment is scary. It’s joyful because I finally did it; I finally finished school and made my family proud. Not only did I make them proud, but I made myself proud by doing it.

Armani Handy poses for one of her senior pictures. (Photo courtesy of Armani Handy)

Everyone is going their separate ways and there is no more worrying about seeing the same faces over and over. There’s no more worrying about getting the same teacher you had before. Did you realize that when you come into this world, you are alone and you leave it just the same? Honestly, it’s okay because no matter where we go Crowley will always be home and home is where the heart is. I guess what I am getting at is we are adults now.  No more having teachers remind us over and over to turn work in. No more petty drama that only children fight about or depending on our parents for absolutely everything. No more depending on our parents to wake us up every morning. We are officially alone to make our own decisions but focus on making the right ones. 

We are always gonna be a family, and we are always gonna cherish the memories we shared together. Friendships may break apart again, and you may meet new friends, but we won’t just grow apart.  We grew up and that’s okay.

I wanna say thank you to Crowley High for showing me how to grow up and showing me the materials to make it into this cruel world.  I am gonna miss you Crowley High. Thank you for everything and I say that from the bottom of my heart.