2002 Crowley High Graduate Relishes Being a Public Servant

Charles Broussard Works as a Police Officer, Firefighter, and D.J.


Photo courtesy of Charles Broussard

Charles Broussard, a 2002 Crowley High School graduate, is a school resource officer for L.J. Alleman Middle School in Lafayette.

Amaria Johnson, Assistant Online Editor

Charles Broussard, a 2002 Crowley High School graduate, enjoys serving the public as a police officer, firefighter, and D.J.

During his time at Crowley High, he was in the band for four years, playing trumpet and French horn. Broussard has also attended college, but has not yet finished and plans to return to his studies one day.

In 2002, Broussard became a full-time firefighter for the Crowley Fire Department. “Shortly after, I became a volunteer police officer for the Crowley Police Department,” he explained. “In 2005, I became a full-time police officer for the CPD and switched to a volunteer firefighter for the Crowley Fire Department.”

In 2009, he transferred to the Lafayette Police Department. He is now the school resource officer at L.J. Alleman Middle School.

As a child, Broussard always dreamed of becoming a police officer, but in order to become a police officer, he had to go through the POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) academy. He has continued his training throughout his career.

“I have become a field sobriety instructor and a drug recognition expert for the state of Louisiana. I have obtained many more certifications throughout my career,” he mentioned.

In order to become a disc jockey, all Broussard needed was his love of music and positive interactions with the public.

                                Photo courtesy of Charles Broussard   Charles Broussard is also known as “DJ Smiley-B.”

On the other hand, becoming a full-time firefighter meant completing the Fire and Emergency Training Institute (FETI) in Baton Rouge. 

Broussard enjoys each of his occupations for different reasons. He enjoys being a police officer because he likes enforcing laws and constitutional rights and providing a service to people and keeping them safe. “Also, being a school resource officer, I’m able to provide a positive impact on the young minds of today’s generations and tomorrow’s future,” he explained.

Broussard’s favorite thing about being a firefighter is simply that he can help people in need. “I assisted with rescues during the big flood we had a couple of years ago as a volunteer firefighter for Fire District 11.”

Broussard’s favorite thing about being a D.J. is that he enjoys playing music for everyone else to have a good time. 

Broussard spoke about the future regarding his careers. “I don’t plan on resigning any of them. I plan on moving forward within the three and see where it takes me.” 

He also doesn’t foresee adding any others. “I drove limousines for a little while but soon ran out of time. “I don’t think I can pick up anything else at this time.”

According to Broussard, no one really inspired him to become a police officer. “I saw shows with police officers as a child and knew I wanted to do that,” he explained. 

He also recalled how he became interested in fire fighting.  “The COE/CIP (Cooperative Office Education/Career Internship Program) (class) during my senior year at CHS allowed me to work at the fire department as a secretary. I knew once I started working there I wanted to be a fireman,” he said. 

As for becoming a disc jockey, “My love for music inspired me.” 

Presumably, having three jobs is very difficult and time-consuming, but Broussard does seem to cope. “I manage with a calendar and schedule around my police duty. I’m not as active as I would like to be with the fire department due to a lack of time.”

Broussard’s D.J. name is DJ Smiley-B. “My dad was known as Smiley and as I grew up, it stuck with me. Everyone started calling me Smiley, Officer Smiley, and now DJ Smiley-B.  I D.J. at the City Bar of Crowley once or twice a month, Pogie’s in Carencro once or twice a month, Sam’s Place recently, and My Place Bar and Grill. He also does weddings and parties, and he D.J.’ed for the 2019 Crowley High School prom.”

                              Photo courtesy of Charles Broussard  Charles Broussard has been a police officer since 2005.

Currently, Broussard is a full-time Lafayette police officer and has been employed there since 2009. He also worked at the Crowley Police Department from 2002-2005 as a reserve officer and 2005-2009 as a full-time officer.

He has been working at Fire District 11 since the station opened approximately five years ago. He is also a board member for Fire District 11. He also worked at the Crowley Fire Department from 2002-2005.

Broussard wants to live with these three careers as long as he can. He plans on retiring as a law enforcement officer. He doesn’t plan on taking up any new careers. He states, “I had some other jobs, but I wouldn’t consider them careers. They just helped me pay my bills as I was growing up. I worked at Burger King, Popeyes, and Walmart.” 

Not only is Broussard a firefighter, police officer, and disc jockey, but he’s also a full-time father to Jordan, 18; McKenzie, 16; Landon, 14; and Hunter, 11. 

He is not currently married, but he is engaged to Cheri Aucoin. 

Reginald Richard is Broussard’s best friend. The two have known each other for about 25 years.

“We actually met in third grade and have been friends ever since. From third grade, we continued to go to the same schools until graduation in 2002.”   Broussard and Richard have worked together at the Crowley Fire Department and the Crowley Police Department. 

“One of the most inspiring things about Charles is the fact that since childhood he has known what career path he would take. From a young age, he talked about being in law enforcement. Not only has he made that dream a reality, but he’s also led a highly respectable career,” stated Richard. “Charles’ love and dedication to his position and ability to serve his community was an influence in starting my career in law enforcement.”

Aside from Richard, Broussard has another close friend by the name of Chad Monceaux. “I have known Charles ‘Smiley’ Broussard Jr. for 20 years. We are absolutely friends outside of work.”

Monceaux gave his perspective of Broussard. “Charles loves his job as a public servant. Although he quit the fire department to be a police officer, I believe if he could, he would work both jobs. Charles and I have that in common, we both enjoy being public servants. We both love helping others and our jobs allow us to do that! 

“Charles ‘Smiley’ Broussard Jr. is a great friend and coworker. He will help anyone he can. He started his D.J. business which allows him to interact with people. Anytime Charles can be with people, he is happy!”