Fuselier Enlists in National Guard


Photo courtesy of La. Army National Guard

SSG Heath Leleux, left, welcomes Austin Fuselier into the La. Army National Guard.

SSG Heath Leleux, Louisiana Army National Guard Recruiter

I’d like to congratulate and welcome PVT Austin Fuselier to the Louisiana Army National Guard.

PVT Fuselier enlisted as 11B (Sniper) and will conduct Basic Combat Training (BCT) over the summer. Along with 100 percent tuition exemption, he secured a $20,000 signing bonus, $392 for the GI bill and $350 for the GI bill kicker to be used for attending college once he returns from training.

PVT Fuselier currently attends Crowley High and will be in the Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) while he finishes school, being paid one weekend out of the month.