CHS Graduate Continues to Climb Country Music Charts


Photo Courtesy of Heartsong Records

Steven John Simon, a 1995 Crowley High School graduate, is a rising country artist.

Armani Handy, Feature Editor

What started as a way to inspire his daughter to pursue a music career has turned Steven John Simon, a 1995 Crowley High School graduate, into a rising country recording artist.

The native of Lyons Point explained the process that started his music career. “I started by just posting videos on the internet, Facebook and YouTube (summer 2018),” Simon said.  

Soon, thousands of people were viewing the videos.

At the same time, his 15-year-old daughter Nakiva decided she wanted to try out for The Voice, so he decided to audition with her.  “I wanted to lead by example to show her that you can do anything you set your mind to.”

Before traveling to Salt Lake City, UT for The Voice audition in mid-July 2018, Simon posted the video on social media. “That video got over 235,000 views.  I was contacted by an A&R scout for HeartSong Records, and eventually, signed a management deal.”

Simon revealed what are his contractual obligations.   “It’s a management deal where they work with me on finding songs to record, setting me up with co-writers to create my music, organizing dates and venues for performances, procuring merchandise and managing my social media sites,” he explained.

Simon went to Louisiana Technical College and was in U.S. Marine Corps for five years. He currently is a Subsea Engineer for General Electric (GE) and Gas Offshore, but he recently applied to become a trooper with the Louisiana State Police.  He took the oral board exam on Jan. 22.

Simon explains how long he has been recording  music.“About a year and a half actively, but it’s been a passion of mine for nearly all of my life.”  

Simon admitted that if he gets successful enough he will leave his current career. “It’s always been a dream of mine to travel the country performing for fans and doing what I love.”

Simon, who is also learning to play the guitar, has started to perform live, including Sam’s Place in Crowley.  “Well, we just started doing live shows, and I’ve performed in Houma a couple of times. We have shows lined up over the next couple of months all of South Louisiana,” he explained.  “I have fans all over the country that are asking us to come to them, so I’m sure we’ll begin to expand our venue list!”

Simon has two children, Navika is 15 and Cole who is 13.

Simon expresses what he enjoys most about music. “The ability to express your feelings in a song. Also, the way that those s0ngs can help people get through whatever problems they’re facing life.”Simon is currently in a band but doesn’t have a name yet.

Simon’s biggest musical influences are George Strait, Clint Black, Alan Jackson and those are just country to him. Simon mentioned that music has taught him. “You’re never too big to be humble,” Simon admitted that his past helped with a music career. “It’s given me the confidence to pursue my dreams.

Simon explains that his current employers are supportive. “They’re supportive. I’m fortunate enough to have a set schedule that allows me to plan performances and enough to have a set schedule which allows me to plan performances and tries to Nashville for recording. Simon has been working a year now that he has been actively pursuing it.

Being a singer and a recording artist is a big difference because some singers in the world perform to live audiences and never step foot in a recording booth. A recording artist being able to put your music in some sort of format to distribute helps you to reach a much broader audience.

Simon expresses his favorite thing about using a soundboard. “I’m still amazed at the things that are possible with the use of a soundboard. I love the ability to adjust the levels of any instrument or vocal sound in a song. Also the way you can “layer” vocals on top of each other to give the sound much more dimension. Simon admits that he has had difficulties recording. “ I’m getting better at it. It was a learning curve. I’ve been fortunate  enough to be surrounded by some great vocal coaches that have helped me along the way.”

Simon mentioned his favorite musical artists. “I enjoy traditional country music. I’m a huge fan of Luke Combs and Cody Johnson currently.” 

Simon expresses his feelings about being a recording artist. “It’s been a dream of mine for many years. I’ve always enjoyed singing and thought I was pretty good at it. It just took the right motivation for me to take that leap.” 

Simon became an official recording in Oct. 2018, and it was his very first recording trip to Nashville when he recorded “Tongue Tied.”

Simon talks about his music and the ones he has been recording. “ I have five songs currently recorded. They’re ‘Tongue Tied,’ ‘Eyes Closed,’ ‘Life is Good,’ ‘Story To Tell,’  and ‘Should Of Been Me.’  Tongue Tied debuted at number 67 on the iTunes country charts and has done extremely well. ‘Eyes Closed’ was released in January 2019 and received great feedback from the fans.” “Life is Good” was released in May 2019, followed by “Story to Tell” in October and “Should Of Been Me” in November 2019.

He explains the opportunities music has given him. “ Just the ability to share my talent and songs with people that enjoy them.” He talks about his traveling in music and the places he has been. “ Well we just started doing live shows recently and I’ve performed in Houma, La couple of times. We have shows lined up over the next couple of months all over South Louisiana. I have fans all over the country that are asking us to come to them so I am sure we’ll begin to expand our venues. 

Simon’s accomplishments are the friendships he made, with the fans he gained, his band and the management team. 

Simon expresses the impact music has had on him as a person. “This is all so new to me and I’ve lived the first 40 years of my life doing the same thing that everyone else does, work and provide for my family. The fact that a few more people know who I am and want to hear me sing is just a little something extra I get to enjoy at this point in my life.”

Simon favorite most favorite moments in music is seeing his fans support and appreciate his effects. “They are the best fans out there.”

Simon encourages others to be a recording artist. “ Absolutely! And not just recording artists. I encourage people to chase whatever their dreams are.”

Barbara Simon is Steven’s mother and she supported him since the beginning of his journey in music. “He is my child and I support my kids no matter what.” 

Simon mentioned that Steven’s biggest supporter is Lindsey Duke Savoie, Ocida Halford and many more. Simon expressed her enjoyment most about Steven being a recording artist. “The fact he is living a dream.”

Simon explains the help she gives Steven. “Mortal support now, but the sky’s the limit. All he has to do is ask and we are there for him.” 

Barbara Simon talks about the impact music has had on him. “He was apprehensive in the beginning but, through his fans has gained so much confidence.”  Simon admits that music runs in the family. “Yes, not directly but it is in his blood.” Steven has had an interest in music he finished school.

Simon mentions “ We support him in anything he pursues. He is an amazing person.” Simon’s proudest moments in Steven’s music are seeing him doing his best to make time for his music and kids. “He is an awesome father.” 

Simon explains “Steven explains it to me, if I never make it to the top, the ride was awesome.”

Barbara Simon added “ You would just have to know Steven John Simon! He masters anything he truly wants. If he wants it, he will go after it wholeheartedly. If he doesn’t accomplish his goals, he moves on but he is never a quitter. I hope we can follow you through with this and see where this goes.”

Marcey Broussard, 46, who is Steven’s sister and has been supporting Steven from the start of his journey.  “ I have supported Steven from the start of this journey. From emotionally, morally and spiritually. I have always tried to be there for him in whatever way I could.”

Steven’s first supporter outside the family is Jill Pavel and Kathryn Loewer. Broussard explains the help she gives Steven, “ The best way I can help Steven with his music is by sharing all of his Facebook posts, videos, and events to spreading the word to my friends and customers about downloading his music and going to his events.”

Broussard mentions that music runs in the family. “ We have a first cousin Mitchell Simon who is a music performer and an uncle Kevin Breaux who plays the drums in a band as well as distant cousins who have their band. Our mom’s side of the family is pretty talented in music.”

Marcey Broussard jokingly says “ Steven has been interested in music since the devil came down to Georgia haha!!!”

Broussard talks about what she enjoys most about Steven being a recording artist. “ The thing I enjoy most about Steven being a recording artist is the fact that he is achieving something he has wanted to do for many years now and he is having a blast doing it!”

Broussard expresses the impact music has had on Steven, “ The biggest impact in Steven’s music life has got to be his daughter Navika and her love of music.” His support and guidance turned in to his journey.”

Music has come very naturally to Steven, Broussard explains “ Listening to music has always been a part of our family life and has always been in the background for all we do so it came naturally for Steven.”

Broussard expresses her feelings about Steven’s journey. “ I am super proud of Steven for following his dream and becoming a recording artist. I knew as soon as this endeavor began he would not stop until he gets to the top and that is exactly where he is headed! Noone or nothing can change his mind once it’s made up.”

Broussard added “ I have always been fascinated by Steven’s drive and motivation when he sets his mind on doing something. He has done more with his time on Earth than I would ever imagine doing or seeing. I am super proud to be his big sister and will support him to the top!!!!!”