Lormand Returns to Teach at Former High School

Science teacher Paige Lormand

Photo Courtesy of Petry Photography

Science teacher Paige Lormand

Kaytience Deville, Assistant Photo Editor

Crowley High School graduate Paige Lormand is back at CHS as a new teacher. 

Lormand teaches environmental science and quest for success, although her favorite subject to teach is environmental science. “Spreading the word about conservation and saving our planet is important to me,” she explained. “I love science and being able to teach that to my students is exciting. I hope they find a love for science also.” 

Lormand would like to make a positive impact while she teaches here. “I have only been a teacher here for (a few) months, but I hope that by the end of the year, I have made some sort of difference.” 

Lormand, 28, explained why she wanted to be a teacher. “I believe children are the future of changing our ways and protecting the planet,” she said. “If they gain knowledge and spread it for generations and generations, I think we can reverse the number of endangered species and make the planet healthy again.”
She also added, “I had fantastic math and science teachers who inspire me to be a better teacher daily.” 

Lormand works with many teachers now that taught her when she was in school. They include journalism teacher Andy Hebert, math teacher Jennifer Bellard, Assistant Principal Alisha Fontenot (former social studies teacher), Principal Timothy Boudreaux (former science teacher), and math teacher Charlie Freed. 

“It makes the environment super comfortable and easy to adjust to since I already know several people.” 

Freshman Macy Butler, who has Lormand for environmental science 5th hour, explained what she likes about her. “She’s always helpful and takes her time with us to make sure we understand.  She is a good teacher and is greatly appreciated for all the help she gives us.” 

Butler admitted that her impression of Lormand has changed. “I’m always looking forward to her class and making her laugh, “she commented.

Freshman Kaybren Weston is in Lormand’s environmental science 4th hour class, and he has quest for success 6th hour. 

He explained what makes her different from other teachers.  “She is willing to let us do experiments that are fun, and she’s a positive teacher at all times,” he stated. “She really does help you, and she’s very nice.” 

Freshman Micah Marceaux has Lormand 5th hour for environmental science. Marceaux mentioned that his impression of  Lormand has changed for the better. “At the beginning of the year I thought she was going to be boring and aggravating, but she is a really fun teacher,” he said. “She helps me with my grades.”

Lormand graduated from Crowley High in 2010 with a 4.0 grade-point average. 

During high school, she was in Student Council for four years, serving as president her sophomore and junior years and vice-president her senior year. She was also a member of the National Honor Society and the newspaper staff. 

She graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Bachelor of Science degree in biology. 

Prior to coming to teach at Crowley High, Lormand was a zookeeper for 3 ½ years and recently worked as a pet care specialist at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center. 

Lormand, who is originally from Crowley, currently lives in Iota. “I love to be outdoors (and go) kayaking, hiking, biking, and camping,” she stated. “I also have a farm with goats, ducks, and chickens.”