Fontenot Enlists in La. Army National Guard


SSG. Heath Leleux, left, with Aaliyah Fontenot.

SSG Heath Leleux, Louisiana Army National Guard Recruiter

Please help me congratulate and welcome our newest enlistment into the La. Army National Guard, PVT Aaliyah Fontenot.

She is a senior at Crowley High and will be leaving for basic training after she finishes her senior year.

Fontenot is receiving 100 percent tuition exemption and $387 per college month to pay for fees and books.

Pvt. Fontenot will receive the additional $350 per month as the GI Bill Kicker for scoring over a 50 on the ASVAB. CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the family.

Fontenot was also promoted to PV2 after she brought in a new recruit to her first drill.

PVT. Aaliyah Fontenot was promoted to PV2 after she recruited someone to join the LAARNG.