Biron Travels from New Hampshire to Join Crowley High Staff


Andy Hebert

Kelbie Biron is a new Crowley High English teacher.

Shelby Benoit, Assistant Feature Editor

Crowley High School welcomed Kelbie Biron as its newest English teacher in the middle of the 2018-19 school year.

Biron, 26, is a native of Colebrook, NH, which is located in the northern part of the state near the Canadian border.  

She explained how she found out about the job opening.  “My mother is from Louisiana, so I had been here quite a few times as a kid,” she said.  “I found out about Crowley High from a family member who is also a teacher. I decided to move to Louisiana to be closer to my mom and her side of the family.”

Biron mentioned why she decided to take the job.  “I knew that this would be a great place to begin my teaching career.  And by working here, I have started the career I have worked towards for quite some time.”

She admitted that she is enjoying her first teaching experience.  “Everyone at Crowley High has been so nice and welcoming. It has made my transition here easier and more enjoyable.”

Biron didn’t always want to be a teacher.  “When I was younger I really had my heart set on being a paleontologist,” Biron stated.  “It wasn’t until after I graduated high school that I realized I wanted to become a teacher.”

Biron explained why she wanted to become an educator. “I have a passion for literature, and I enjoy sharing that knowledge with others,” she said.  “I also believe that teachers help mold the next generation, and I wanted to be a part of that grand collective so that I could make a difference for the better in my own way.”

Biron, who is currently living in Iota, graduated from Colebrook Academy in 2011.  She graduated in December from Northern Vermont University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in secondary English.

She explained why she is enjoying most about living in Louisiana.  “Personally, my favorite part happens to be the warm weather and being around my mom’s side of the family.  I love New Hampshire, but the winters are too long and cold,” stated Biron.

She also has had the chance to experience the Louisiana culture. Biron stated,  “I moved down here just before Mardi Gras, so I was able to experience that with family.”

She also said the landscape is completely different than where she lived on the East Coast.  “I am from an area that has a lot of mountains and more rigorous terrain, so with it being flat, I have had to get used to not seeing mountains,” stated Biron.

In New Hampshire, Biron had to drive really far to go shopping or to do different activities.  “Being here is nice because there is more to do and a lot of it is not far away. For reference, the interstate is about an hour away along with the nearest Walmart.”

She added, “The people are so nice and the weather is fantastic.”.

Fellow English teacher Charlotte Cope mentioned that she speaks to Biron regularly. “I speak to Miss Biron on an average of three times per day,” stated Cope.  “I love working with her. Her excitement for teaching is refreshing.”

Cope thinks she is having an influence on Biron.  “She is always thankful when we speak. I am being influenced by her, as well.”

Cope also believes Biron’s teaching skills are effective.  “She is full of knowledge and concern,” voiced Cope. “She is friendly and energetic, and she truly cares about her students and her impact on their futures.

“I know that she is a positive addition to the Crowley High family,” added Cope.

Sophomore Trinity Leger, 15, who in Biron’s first hour class, gave her impressions of her new teacher.   “Miss. Biron is very sweet, and she helps those who are in need,“ stated Leger. “She does her job right.”

Leger enjoys the way Biron teaches.  “Miss. Biron is always on point, and she gives different examples to make sure we know what it is,” she said.

The way Biron teaches is very effective to her students. Leger stated,  “She gets her point across.”

Leger said that a typical day in Biron’s class involves reading or preparing for the End-of-Course Test.  “I am very glad that she came to CHS,” stated Leger. “She is a wonderful woman.”