Adams Thanks Everyone Who Helped Her Along the Way


Taren Adams, 2017-18 Staff Writer

You take a deep breathe and walk through the doors of the school you’re going to attend for the next four years of your life. It’s your very first day, and you’re as nervous as you could possibly be. It’s your freshman year and you have no clue who you are or what you want to be, but you only have four years to figure it all out. In the blink of an eye, time flies right by and before you know it it’s your senior year. Instead of rushing through the halls, now you slowly stroll and reminisce on old friends and old memories. From cheering under the Friday night lights to getting suspended for putting the French teacher’s pig in his mini-fridge, and toilet papering classmates and teachers’ houses during homecoming week, Crowley High School has provided me with many unforgettable experiences and life lessons.

Over the years I’ve made my fair share of mistakes struggling to find out who I was and who I wanted to be, and now I hope I finally figured it all out. During high school I was always stereotyped as “the cheerleader”, “pageant queen”, or “girly girl”, but I wanted to be something more important in the future, apart of something bigger. I decided to enlist in the United States Army as an 89B Ammunition Specialist to serve our country, defend our freedom, and follow in my father’s footsteps. I leave for basic training at Fort Jackson on May 28…Just a week after graduation. While everyone will be out partying on senior trip, I will be getting a headstart on my future. 

Adulting, freedom, and graduating have always been my main priorities, but now that the time is actually here I’m honestly afraid of the adjustment. Attending school has always been a major aspect in my life and the thought of it being over is unbelievable. Walking through school I remember thinking to myself that I was ready to just be done as soon as possible, but lately I’ve been trying to savor all the time that I have left. 

I would like to thank all of the Crowley High faculty and staff, past and present for providing me and my classmates the proper guidance and etiquette to prepare us for our future adult lives. We were never left in the dark, and we were always well provided for when it came to education. Our future carriers were never taken lightly, and everything possible was done by our teachers and counselors to make our future goals reality. I am eternally grateful for Crowley High School and I will cherish my high school memories for the rest of my life.