Thirty-eight Seniors Receive Academic Jackets


Meagan McCoy

The 2018-19 seniors receive academic jackets.

Lacey Kibodeaux, Editor-in-chief

Seniors Terri Richard, Samuel Istre, Julianna Deshotels, Madison Trahan, and Jalyn Suire were among the 38 Crowley High School students who received academic jackets earlier this year during the Academic Scholars Reception.

Principal Timothy Boudreaux, Assistant Principal Alisha Fontenot, and Adviser William Pinac presented the jackets to the students.

Most of the students found out when Adviser Allyson Schexnayder gave them a formal letter from Boudreaux.

Richard, who has a 3.78 grade-point average, said, “I kind of expected I would be receiving one because I have always been a hard worker.”

She went on to explain what having the academic jacket means to her.  “Having a jacket really inspired me to follow all of my crazy dreams.”

During her years at CHS, Richard was in the school band for four years, the Interact Club, the National Honor Society, and the French Club for two years, and Student Council for one year. She was also the woodwind section leader in the band this year.

Richard’s favorite quote is Bible verse Psalm 23.  The few lines are, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.”  She said, “It has always been my favorite quote for as long as I can remember. I love that Bible scripture so much that I even put it on the back of my letterman jacket.”

Richard plans to attend the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and major in political science. 

Istre, who has a 3.82 GPA, said that his mom informed him that he would be getting an academic jacket.  “My mom had kept a close eye on it and told me about a month prior to the ceremony that I was getting one.”

Istre explained the significance of the jacket to him.  “It means I did something right and should keep doing it.”  It felt like a reward for something you never thought would come.”

Istre was in the band his freshman year and in the National Honor Society for two years. 

Istre chose a quote by Sir Winston Churchill, former Great Britain prime minister, to put in the program.  “It was meant to convey that you should never let anyone step on you for your ideals.”

Istre plans to go to Louisiana State University at Eunice, then the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for computer science.

Istre added, “As high school nears an end, I only hope college treats me as well as Crowley High did.”

Deshotels, who has a 3.9 GPA, knew she was going to get one before she was told.  “I knew I was going to get one from previous seniors telling me how they got theirs,” she said.

Deshotels mentioned what the jacket means to her.  “Having an academic jacket means that I’m being commended for working hard academically. It filled me with self-pride to get my jacket.”

Deshotel was in the band for four years and was the percussion captain this year.  She was also in Student Council for three years and the National Honor Society for two years, serving last year at treasurer.

Her favorite quote comes from Canadian poet Rupi Kaur. ”I chose the quote in the program because it is sort of like a mantra to me. It reminds me to never dull myself to keep others happy.”

Deshotel plans to go to medical school at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge to become an orthopedic or emergency room surgeon.

Trahan admitted she had an idea she would get one before she was told.  “I had an idea that I was likely to but wasn’t sure. I thought this because, as a junior, I got to have my handprint on the door and, those on the door before generally received one.”

Trahan, who has a 3.7 grade-point average, explained what the academic jacket means to her.  “It means that I was recognized for all the hard work and effort I’ve put forth throughout these years and to show that it was worth it.   Because very few receive this, it felt very special and important.”

Trahan was in Student Council for four years and the Interact Club and Yearbook for two years.

Trahan said she chose a quote by American band Avenged Sevenfold that says, “Life wouldn’t be so precious dear if there never was an end.”  “It shows us that we don’t live forever and that we should enjoy and make the most of our time while we’re here.”

Trahan added, “I would like to add that, although I’ve received this jacket, it doesn’t mean that I’m any better or any smarter than those who didn’t receive one.” 

She plans to attend the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to study microbiology and accounting.

Suire, who has a 3.76 GPA, admitted he had no idea he would receive a jacket until Fontenot gave him the letter.

Suire said, “ Having an academic jacket means that I have accomplished something that only a select few have.  It felt prestigious.”

Suire participated in football for four years and track for three years. He was also in the National Honor Society for three years and the Interact Club for one year.

He chose a quote from American writer Audre Lorde, which said, “When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” 

Suire explained why he selected this quote.  “The quote I chose, I feel, represented my attitude towards things that I found challenging, I meant to fight through adversity.”

Suire plans to go to LSU in Baton Rouge to and study astrophysics.

The other students receiving academic jackets were Khalil Anderson, Hana Arsement, Sara Arsement, Cameron Baronet, Kristen Barras, Payton Breaux, Lindaya Brooks, Mallory Brown, Alexus Clement, Lainie Conner, Hannah Cormier, Markel Domino, Donald Doucet, Caitlynn Falcon, Alex Foreman, Kaitlyn Guidry, Zan Habetz, Ethan Hayes, Lily Hoffpauir, Jeremy Johnson Jr., Nella LaGrange, Victoria Mathews, Marcy Miller, A’Trentae Moore, Dreama Morrow, Tori Navarre, Isabella Reyes, Playcie Trahan, Gabrielle Spaetgens, Taylor Walker, and A’nijah Williams.