CHS Welcomes Cherisse Pippin As A New Teacher


Dwayne Petry

New CHS teacher Cherisse Pippin is a graduate of Crowley High School. She is also the school’s athletic trainer.

Madison Navarre, Assistant Copy Editor

Crowley High faculty and students welcomed former graduate Cherisse Pippin as the new workplace safety teacher for 2018-19.

The 30-year-old Crowley native, who has been an athletic trainer at CHS for eight years, recently accepted the position to be a teacher also.

Senior Mallory Leblanc, who takes Pippin’s class first hour, explained why she likes her class. “It’s never boring. She keeps it interesting. Class discussions are fun too.”

Senior Phobee Spell, who takes the class second hour, added, “I enjoy when we play Quizlet.”

Pippin, who has never taught before, explained her busy schedule, what it’s like being an athletic trainer and a teacher. “My first three hours, I teach workshop safety. Fourth hour, I prepare for the next day. Fifth hour, I prepare for my sixth and seventh hour, which are athletic physical education classes.”

Leblanc gave her opinion of how she thinks Pippin is doing.  “Being that it’s her first year as a teacher, she’s doing really good. I’d say she has caught on to everything you have to do as a teacher pretty fast.”

Pippin teaching Workplace Safety to students.

Seniors Alex Simon and Phobee Spell, who are in her second hour, also think she’s a good teacher. “She’s honest and straight up, and we get our work done but have fun too,” said Simon.  “I think she is a good teacher because she actually teaches us,” added Spell.

There’s nothing about the class that Leblanc dislikes. “She’s fun and I get that teachers are supposed to be serious 24/7, but she’s serious and fun at the same time.”

Simon admitted he would take the class again if he had the chance.  “I like to learn about workplace safety, and it will help me later on in life,” he stated.

Pippin mentioned the benefits of teaching at the school where she is also an athletic trainer.  “It allows me to be here all day, and it keeps me from missing games to go to other schools.”

Pippin claims she enjoys teaching. “My favorite part about being a teacher is being able to teach life skills.  I like how in my class, the kids learn something they can use in the real world,”stated Pippin.

Pippin,  a 2006 CHS honors graduate, mentioned why she likes teaching at the school she graduated from.  “It makes me more proud working at my alma mater.”

While attending Crowley High, Pippin was a member of the Ladies basketball team that won the district title and made the playoffs all four years.

Athletic Trainer Cherisse Pippin left, gives instructions to CHS managers during a football game.

She also participated in band and Student Council for four years, and Future Farmers of America, track, and National Honor Society for three years. Pippin graduated in the top 15 in her class in 2006.  .

Spell and Simon have also been involved with Pippin in athletics.   “She works out with me everyday,” commented Spell “Whenever I was injured, she helped me through my therapy and got me back to where I needed to be.”

Simon stated, “She has worked with me in football every time I was hurt or something was wrong.”

All three students feel as though Pippin plays an important role in the athletic program.  . “I think that she is the most important part of our athletic program,” said Spell. Without her, everyone would be hurt all the time.”  Leblanc claimed, “She is a very important part of the athletic program because if our players are hurt, we want her to check on them so they can continue to play.”

All three also think Pippin is very good at both jobs.  “As an athletic trainer, she has to be very knowledgeable about everything going on, and she’s the same way in her classroom,” said Spell.  “There’s really no difference; she acts the same,” stated Simon. Leblanc added, “She’s great at both.”

Whenever Pippin is not working with students, she likes to spend her time working out, helping others obtain their fitness goals, and woodworking.

Pippin, who currently lives in Kaplan, has been married to her husband, Boyd, for eight years, and they have two kids, Garrett, 6, and Annie, 1.