Key Club Hosts Blood Drive

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Key Club Hosts Blood Drive

Shelby Benoit, Assistant feature editor

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The Crowley High Key Club, under the direction of Sponsor Shannon Buller, partnered up with Vitalant to host the club’s annual blood drive on Sept.  20.

Vitalant is formerly known as United Blood Services. According to Vitalant donor recruitment representative Corey Frank, Vitalant collected 40 products that will be used to help sickle cell and cancer patients within the Crowley area. “It couldn’t have been done without the help of the student body and great care from the Vitalant staff,” Frank stated. Frank also gave credit to Buller.  “Shannon is truly a motivator into the students, It was without a doubt he would get the students eager to donate.” In order to donate, a person must be at least 16 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds, eat at least two hours before the donation, drink plenty of water beforehand, have some form of identification, have no tattoos or piercings at least one year beforehand, and not be on the influence of drugs or alcohol. When someone gives blood,  there are two different types of donations that a donor has the option of making.  One is a whole blood donation, and the other is a double red cell donation. According to the Vitalant website, about one pint of blood is collected during a whole blood donation.  “It is then typed and tested using our state-of-the-art technology. Your life-transforming gift is then processed, the components are separated and stored in individual bags and sent for patient transfusion. That’s why one donation can help up to three patients.When someone makes a double red cell donation, a machine separates the red blood cells, and the other components are returned back to the person’s body.Senior Hana Arsement who gave  blood for the second time and has a B+ blood type, explained her reason for donating.“Just the fact that I’m helping someone out there,” she stated.Arsement, who admitted she does not like needles, said she actually enjoyed giving blood.  “It’s painless, and it’s a great feeling to help people.”She also mentioned that she will give blood again, and she wanted to encourage others to do the same.  “It’s a great thing people should do. I believe everyone who can give blood, should.”Senior Felicia Landry, who donated blood for the first time and is B+, explained how she felt from the time she walked in to donate until she walked out.  “I felt scared when I walked in, and when I walked out, I felt happy and great to have done it.”She also mentioned her favorite part about the process.  “The best part was seeing if I could give blood or not.”She added, “I feel like I made a difference in somebody’s life by donating blood to someone that needs it.”She admitted that she will donate again.  “It is a good way to help people who really need it,” said Landry.Many of the CHS students  who signed up to donate couldn’t donate due to difficulties with their body. . “We had a few students who were deferred (declined), though we ensured them we will be back in the Spring of 2019,” said Frank.Junior Bettina Trumps signed up to donate, but she couldn’t due to her low iron level, which made her anemic. Trumps found out she was anemic when a small amount of blood was drawn from her pricked finger when she went through the pre-screening process.Even though Trumps was not able to donate, she said she will try to donate again in the future.   “It was interesting.”She also wanted to encourage other students to donate.  “You get out of class, and it’s cool to see.”“All students (especially seniors) are encouraged to donate at the next drive with the next anticipated date on March 28, 2019,” stated  Frank.Seniors  who donate twice in one school year will be awarded a  red cord during graduation . A person must wait at least eight weeks prior to making another donation.

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Key Club Hosts Blood Drive