Allen, Seniors Set High Expectations for Ladies’ Basketball Season

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Allen, Seniors Set High Expectations for Ladies’ Basketball Season

Ladies basketball head coach Alton Allen

Ladies basketball head coach Alton Allen

Andy Hebert

Ladies basketball head coach Alton Allen

Andy Hebert

Andy Hebert

Ladies basketball head coach Alton Allen

Skye Wagers, Photo Editor

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The Crowley Ladies basketball team is looking to improve on last year’s season which saw them advance to the playoffs.

The Ladies finished 14-13 overall and 7-7 in District 5-3A. They qualified as the 28th seed in the Class 3A playoffs and lost in the opening round.

Alton Allen, who has been coaching for 23 years and returns for his 19th year as head coach, is optimistic about the season. “I think we have the potential of doing well.  Attitude plays such a big role in sports. The right attitude allows you to commit; the commitment allows you to work hard. So far, the team’s attitude has been good, but how well we do ultimately depends on them.”

He mentioned what kind of pressure he puts on himself.   “The only pressure I put on myself is trying to encourage and motivate each player to be the best they can possibly be because I know that the better players we have, the better chance of us having a good team.”   

He spoke about the team goals for this season. “Twenty wins would be nice, a top three finish in district, and to advance past the first round of playoffs.”

Marcy Miller

Senior Marcy Miller added, “Hopefully,  we will win more district games to have a better placement in the playoffs.”

Allen added, “Every coach wants to improve on his/her previous years’ success and failure.”


Lily Hoffpauir

The Ladies, who lost starters Tionne Breaux and Jaelyn Hebert from last year’s team, return seniors Miller, Lily Hoffpauir, and Taylor Walker to the starting lineup.  

According to Allen, Miller and Hoffpauir both had a lot of rebounds and shared leading the team in scoring. The two also received district and parish recognition.  “My returning starters have been with me at least three years, and they know what I expect of them as leaders during practice, at home, and at away games.”

Imani Jackson

Jackson added, “Marcy and Lily are leaders because they try their hardest to help the team get better and are there when a fellow teammate is having problems.”

Miller, who has been playing basketball for CHS for three years is a starting power forward. “I had played basketball all my life at Midland, so when I transferred here, I just picked up where I left off.”

She added, My favorite thing about playing basketball is the competition and just playing your heart out every time.”

Jackson, who also has been playing basketball for CHS for three years and is starting at center, mentioned why she started playing for the Ladies.  “It was the only thing I had interest in,” she said honestly.

Miller and Jackson both admitted who they are closest to on the team. Miller said, “ Lily has been my BFF (best friends forever) since birth and basketball buddy since Lil Dribblers, Ty Price and Perkins are new but valued friends. Taylor Walker is the one we all mess with the most.”  Jackson said she is close to Miller, Hoffpauir, A’kia Richardson, Perkins, Walker, and Guidry.


Allen admitted that Walker is the most captivated on the team.   “She is very serious,” he said.

Taylor Walker

Taylor Perkins

Joining Miller, Hoffpauir, and Walker in the starting lineup are senior Imani Jackson and freshman Taylor Perkins.  Allen said, “We are expecting a lot from Perkins.”

Allen believes the toughest teams in the district are Northwest and Iota.  “They are well-coached and have a lot of talent.”


Allen, Miller, and Jackson gave their opinions about what it would take for the team to be competitive in the district.  “We have to be really good defensively,” he said. Miller said, “To be competitive, we have to come to play and take advantage of every win we can get because those don’t come easily, also we need to act more serious at practice.”  Jackson added, “For us to communicate more with each other.”

To help improve the team’s chances in the district, Allen has implemented a new zone defense.

Allen explained what he does to keep them motivated.  “I work with them on the development of the game to make them the best they can be.”  

The Ladies, who began the regular season on Nov. 13 against Elton at home, are currently 6-6 overall, 2-0 in District 5-3A after defeating Pine Prairie 64-41 on Dec. 20.

Miller explained which opponent she is anxious to play. Miller said, “I am looking forward to playing Midland in their Spectacular because that’s all my people and I want to beat them.”

Jackson added, “Eunice and Mamou because they are the most competitive against us.”

Miller concluded, “We are ready and we are not taking another losing season.”

Allen said this team is not into celebrating after victories.  “With such a long season, celebrating is saved for when you know you’re in the playoffs,” he explained.

Both Jackson and Miller stressed how determined they are to make this season better than last.  Jackson said, “ I am very determined and I hope the rest of the team is just as serious as I am about making us better.”  Miller said, “ I am fully dedicated to making my senior season better than last year.”

The Ladies will be back in action on Friday against the Northside Lady Vikings.