Huval, Wasson, Richie, Robinson-Williams Share Experiences as Student Workers

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Huval, Wasson, Richie, Robinson-Williams Share Experiences as Student Workers

Band teacher Shayla Jones and 2017-18 senior Alyssa Huval

Band teacher Shayla Jones and 2017-18 senior Alyssa Huval

Band teacher Shayla Jones and 2017-18 senior Alyssa Huval

Band teacher Shayla Jones and 2017-18 senior Alyssa Huval

Lacey Kibodeaux, Staff Writer

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Crowley High School seniors Alyssa Huval, Hope Wasson, Alyson Richie, and Tristin Robinson-Williams were four of the 25 students who chose to become student workers last year.

Huval, who helped in the office during fourth hour and with band teacher Shayla Jones in fifth hour, explained what she did for her teacher.  “I have done a lot to help my teacher, from burning her food to printing undocumented amounts of sheet music.”

She explained how it feels to be a student worker.   “It feels like a relief. It is fewer classes that I get a grade on.  

Huval said she doesn’t feel like being a student aide takes time away from her learning.   She said, “It gives me a break from all of the stress of school, actually.”

She also mentioned what she enjoys most about it.  “I enjoy the chill hours. Some days are super hectic and busy, but some are simple and kinda laid back,” stated Huval.  “I use those days to catch up on my work.”

Huval admitted that she thinks being a student aide could help her in college.  “I learned how to make copies for one. A copy machine is not easy to learn. I also learned how to help plan and even create music. I enjoy making music, and I hope to always remember that.”

Huval said she set out to be a student aide.  “I didn’t choose the worker life. The worker life chose me. No, but seriously, I might not have chosen to be a worker, but I’m glad I am. I am able to get all of my stuff done in a reasonable time and I get to learn what it’s like to be a teacher.”

Huval added, “Being a teacher’s aide allows you to create a friendship with someone who can help guide you through the obstacles of life.”

Hope Wasson

Wasson was a student worker for English ll/lll teacher Jessica Carlson in first hour and chemistry teacher Barbara Groth in fourth hour.

2017-18 senior Hope Wasson and English teacher Jessica Carlson

“I usually staple papers, organize assignments, and occasionally, help students with learning the topic of discussion,” she explained.

Wasson admitted being a student worker is not difficult.  “In some ways, it’s just to fill out a schedule, and at other times, it’s a good time to complete my own assignments.”

She explained what enjoys most about being a student aide.  “I can manage myself most of the time. When she is not doing work for my teacher, it’s time for me to use to accomplish whatever goals I set for myself.”

Wasson does see this experience as beneficial.  “This is teaching me to manage my time.”

Wasson doesn’t feel like being a student worker is taking away from her learning.  “If I wasn’t in these student aid periods, I would just go home earlier and sleep more.”

Wasson  added, “I am glad I chose to be a student worker because it gives me time to be focused in a classroom setting without being taught something new.”


Alyson Richie

Richie, who helped journalism/resource teacher Andy Hebert in first hour, explained her main duties.  “I file his papers, write objectives on the board, hook up computers, check attendance, and organize.”

Journalism/Study Skills teacher Andy Hebert and 2017-18 senior Alyson Richie

She admitted she’s glad she’s a student aide.  “It feels great. It makes me feels as if I’m part of the faculty; I like contributing to the school,” exclaimed Richie.  “I enjoy helping Mr. Hebert. He’s the sweetest person I know.”

Richie mentioned what she likes most about being a student worker.  “Being able to form a relationship with my teacher.”

She also runs a lot of errands for Mr. Hebert.  “I get important papers signed by teachers and high authority (figures).”

She also thinks this will help her in college or later in life.  “It gives me experience on how to organize and complete tasks,” she stated.

Richie doesn’t feel like being a student worker takes away from her learning. “If anything it gives me more time to do my work.  (I) also (can get) extra help from Mr. Hebert.”

Richie added, “(I enjoy) the impact I have on the students by just helping them here and there with their work. It also helps me be more  positive and respectful.”


Tristin Robinson-Williams

Williams was a student aide for geometry teacher Alana Guidry during fourth hour.

Math teacher Alana Guidry & 2017-18 senior Tristin Robinson-Williams

“I usually make copies, staple papers, pass out/pick up papers, file papers, and help the students individually,” explained Robinson-Williams.  “I’m always in the office running copies. If anyone is in the office during fourth hour, I promise they’ll see me.”

She mentioned how it feels to be a student aide. ‘It feels great,” she stated. “The teachers go through so much over the years that it’s nice to help out for an hour and relieve some stress.”

Robinson-Williams stated she does not regret being a student aide.  “Maybe I’ll consider teaching one day, and I’ll be more prepared.”

Robinson-Williams also mentioned what she likes the most.  “I get to become friends with underclassmen while being able to review things I’ve previously done.”

  She does believe this experience might help her in college or later in life. “It keeps my mind refreshed while also teaching me how to file paperwork and be more organized.”

  Robinson-Williams also does not feel like being a student worker takes time out of her learning.  “I feel like I’m learning new tricks every day while doing review lessons.”

Robinson-Williams added, “ Ms. Alana Guidry is a great teacher and a sweet woman.”