Romero, Foster, & Adams Share Experiences as Royalty

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Romero, Foster, & Adams Share Experiences as Royalty

Alexis Romero

Alexis Romero

Alexis Romero

Alexis Romero

Taren Adams, Staff Writer

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Louisiana is known for its festivals, and pageants are part of most of the festivals. Crowley High School juniors Alexis Romero and Madelyn Foster, and senior Taren Adams are three students who have held titles.

These ladies promote their titles by traveling to different festivals in various cities all over Louisiana.

These experiences help to create lifelong friends and memories that they will never forget. It also creates a greater love for the culture of our beautiful state of Louisiana.

Romero gave her onstage introduction. “Proudly representing my hometown of Crowley, Louisiana, I am your 2017 Jr. Miss Crowley, Alexis Paige Romero,” she said.

Romero, 15,  explained who motivated her to do pageants. “My mom always put me in them when I was a baby.” She entered her first pageant at six months old, and her first title was Little Miss Christmas.

Romero mentioned what she enjoys most about her current title. “Getting to meet new people and traveling to different places because it’s something I enjoy.  I love being able to be out in the public and telling people about my festival.”

Romero admitted that the International Rice Festival is her favorite festival in the state. “It’s my hometown festival, and it’s one of the biggest,” she said.  “I love speaking proudly of my hometown, the Rice Capital of the World.”

She also said she is close to sister queens, Miss Crowley Victoria Callahan and Foster, Jr. Miss Acadia Parish. “They’re great, and I have no sisters at all.”

She also mentioned that being Jr. Miss Crowley has given her the opportunity to do many community service projects.  “There’s too many to name, but I went help in Baton Rouge for the flood.”

Romero offered advice to someone doing her first pageant.   “Always be yourself and have a good time because everyone’s a winner.”  She also had advice to someone if they just lost a pageant. “It’s okay.  Keep your head up; you can try next time. You got this.”

Romero’s opinion is that doing pageants is not difficult.  “I guess because I always did them.”

She said her strongest asset would have to be the interview. “Because I can hold a conversation with anyone, and I love to talk.”  She revealed that her weakest asset is the onstage question. “It’s nerve-wracking. You never know what they are going to ask you.”

Romero plans on going on to compete for Teen Miss Crowley, then again for Miss Crowley.

She also mentioned a goal she would like to achieve.  “I would like my town to become like a family and have a lot of get-togethers or town dinners.”

Foster gave her onstage introduction.  “Proudly representing the heart of South Louisiana, I am your 2017 Jr. Miss Acadia Parish, Madeline Eve Foster.”

Madeline Foster

Foster, 14, just recently started doing pageants. “I’ve always wanted to be in one just because they look fun, and I was told you get to experience all sorts of things,” she stated.

She explained what she enjoys most about her title.  “My favorite thing about my title is getting to represent the parish I live in wherever I go throughout Louisiana.  I love attending Crowley parades as well as Rayne parades. I also love representing (Acadia Parish) by going to all kinds of festivals in Louisiana!”

She had advice for someone who is entering her first pageant.  “Don’t stress about it, and most importantly, be yourself because that’s the best you can be,” she said. If the person loses, she stated, “Hold your head up high because you did your best and that’s what really matters.  You can’t accept a loss as a defeat, you learn from it and let it motivate you.”

Foster does believe pageants are hard work.  “Especially preparing for one, but in the end, it’s all worth it.”

Foster sees herself doing pageants in the future and she plans to compete for the title of Teen Miss Crowley, and later, Miss Crowley. She added, “This may be the first title I’ve won, but with winning this title, I’ve not only had fun, but I am learning so much as I continue with my title as Jr. Miss Acadia Parish.”

She hopes to one day be a pageant director, especially for children’s contests.

Adams gave her onstage introduction.  “Proudly representing the heart of Cajun country where our Cajun roots run deep I am your 2017 Teen Miss Lafayette Parish Taren Marie Adams.”

Taren Adams

Adams started doing pageants a few years ago.  “My motivation to do pageants was to positively impact others and to become a role model for my peers,” she said.  “A pageant is more than just putting on a pretty gown and walking around a stage. Doing a pageant is about gaining self-confidence and becoming a role model to other young ladies.”

Her first title was 2015 Jr. Miss Atchafalaya Basin, and since then Adams has represented a few other titles. “Pageants are great learning experiences for young women who are open to new life opportunities,” stated Adams.

She mentioned her favorite thing about her current title. “I love being able to represent a parish with such deep cultural roots and being able to travel and spread the word about my parish.”

If someone is thinking about doing a pageant, Adams offered some advice. “Be yourself, embrace your self-confidence, and show the judges who you are on the inside. Pageants are hard work, but they are so worth it in the end so don’t give up.”

Adams pointed out that her weakest asset would have to be the onstage question.  “You never know what you are going to be asked.

She also mentioned that she would like to be a pageant director one day.   I love supporting girls who are interested in pageants, therefore I would love to have one of my own to promote.”

Adams lives by the motto, “Positive energy creates more positive energy,” so good sportsmanship is very important to her.

She did admit that pageants can be difficult.   “Keep a positive attitude and lift your competition up, you’ll make lifelong friends.”

She said that she definitely plans to compete in the future and she has her eye on the title of Miss Breaux Bridge. “By far Teen Miss Breaux Bridge was my favorite title, so I would love to go on and be able to compete for Miss.”

Adams added, “Don’t forget to love yourself and love others around you. When you smile the world smiles back and you never know when that smile will make someone’s day.”