Seniors Make Decision to Join Military

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Seniors Make Decision to Join Military

Jessica Clayton, right, is congratulated after taking the oath to become a Marine.

Jessica Clayton, right, is congratulated after taking the oath to become a Marine.

Jessica Clayton, right, is congratulated after taking the oath to become a Marine.

Jessica Clayton, right, is congratulated after taking the oath to become a Marine.

Lacey Kibodeaux, Staff Writer

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Crowley High School seniors Jessica Clayton, Angelle Joubert, Derek Freeman, and Serena LeBine have made the decision to join the military.

Clayton, who enlisted in the Marines one week after she turned 17 in August, plans to be a motor transport operator.  

Clayton explained why she chose to join the military. “To better myself, challenge myself, and prepare a future for my children,” she said.  “I also want to travel.”

She also had advice for others.  “Anyone interested in joining the Military, DO IT!!  The benefits are abundant; the friendships that are made are irreplaceable.”

Clayton went on to explain why she decided to become a Marine.  “Marines are the ‘tip of the spear’ in every aspect, the brotherhood formed. (It’s) the branch that would challenge me the most.”

She is supported in her decision by her parents, sister, boyfriend, and her Marine friends.

Although her dad, Jody Clayton, a Crowley High graduate, was in the Air Force, no one influenced her to join.  “I knew this would be beneficial to me, and I wanted to do what was best for my life.”

Clayton has been training 2-3 times a week with other Marines to prepare for the 13-week basic training in Parris Island, SC.  She reports to basic training one week after graduating from Crowley High.

Clayton, who was recruited by Sgt. Adelfo Campos, stated her strengths are “mental strength and determination.”

She is not planning to make a career out of the military. “I plan to go to law school after and then move into politics.  (I want to) take my personal experience into politics to get better benefits and treatment for the military.”

Clayton added, “ I look forward to visiting the school once I’m a Marine.”

Angelle Joubert

Joubert has enlisted in the United States Navy and starts the eight-week basic training June 5at Naval Station Great Lakes in Chicago, Ill.

Angelle Joubert

Petty Officer Thomas recruited Joubert.  “I enlisted in December of 2017 and have been in the delayed entry program since then.”

Joubert,18, explained why she chose to join the military.  “I wasn’t going to the to college, and I wanted to see the world.  I joined the Navy because I thought it would be the best to be able to see the world.”

She admitted no one influenced her to join. “It was my idea to join.  I just wanted support for it.” Her family and friends have stood by her decision.

She is going to be an operation specialist.   “An operation specialist is similar to a navigator.”  

Joubert mentioned how she’s been preparing for basic training.  “I have been working out and learning lots of Navy information, such as the Sailor’s Creed.  I am a hard worker, and I am very determined.”

She has a history of relatives in the military.  Her late great-grandfather was a Marine in World War II, and her dad, Paul Joubert, was in the Navy during Operation Desert Storm.

Joubert plans on making it a career.  “I feel that it is where I am meant to be.”  

She had a final comment. “If anyone is looking for different career options, the military can help you find a good path,” she said.  “The military is not for everyone, but do not rule it out of your options. The military was the last place I thought I would be, but now that I’ve joined, it feels like the place I am meant to be.”

Derek Freemen

Derek Freeman

Freemen is trying to give himself a better future by joining the Army as a tank supplier once he graduates from high school.

Freeman stated that his mom and dad are supporting his decision.  His dad was also in the military.

Freeman, who is being recruited by Sgt. Mercer, has been training in Lafayette.

He stated that he wants to make it a career.  “I want to be an extra person to make my country a lot better.”

Serena LeBine

Serena LeBine

  LeBine has decided to join the Army upon graduating from Crowley High.

LeBine, 18, who wants to be a dental specialist, was influenced by her father to join.

She is exercising regularly to be prepared for the military.  

LeBine’s grandfather, Michael Clement Sr., and father, Michael Clement Jr., both served in the military.