Ladies Remember Coach Q During Softball Season

Coach Q

Coach Q

Mickel Guidry, Staff Writer

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The 2018 Crowley Ladies softball team, under the direction of head coach Joshua Schrader and assistant coach Brent “Shamu” Spell decided to honor the memory of the late Johnny “Coach Q” Quebodeaux during the season.

Coach Q, who was a Ladies assistant coach for seven years before he passed away July 16, 2017, after battling Crohn’s Disease, was honored by the team in three ways.

First, a special logo in the shape of a “Q” ribbon was placed on each players’ batting helmet.  

Then, every player wore a purple ribbon in her hair (the color for Crohn’s Disease) for every game of the season.

Jenny Quebodeaux, Coach Q’s wife of 18 years, explained what it meant to have the team honor him.  “Having the girls honor Johnny brought me to tears. To know that they loved him as much as he loved them is very touching,” she said.

Jenny Quebodeaux and their two children, Jontrey and Jayden, were invited to the Ladies last regular season game. His wife and daughter were presented with flowers, and his son was given a ball signed by the team.   “The night they honored Johnny was such an amazing feeling. I felt like I was back with family,” stated Quebodeaux.

She also mentioned what she will remember the most about her husband’s relationship with the Ladies. “Watching him work his magic by bringing the girls up after having failed at some moment on the field. He had a heart of gold.”

Senior outfielder Breana Larry mentioned how having the symbol on their helmets kept him on her mind.  “I feel that when I play, I’ll play to the best of my ability because when he was here, he always told me ‘play the game at your best!’”

Schrader recalled the best thing about Coach Q.  “His heart, he had the biggest heart. He would always think about how others were feeling, and if they were sad, he would pick them up.  If they were down he would lend an ear and just be there for them. This is a really good quality, especially when you are working with adolescent girls.”

Spell agreed with Schrader.  “Q was always worried about the other people, never really worried about himself.”

Former head coach Zach Pulling echoed the opinion of Schrader, Larry, and Spell.  “He was committed to making an impact in the players’ lives that he coached,” he said.  “It went beyond the game. He truly cared for each player. He was selfless.”

Larry added, “Coach Q was more of my mentor than a ‘coach.’  He would always pick me up. When I had something to get off my chest, he was always there.

“When he would see me in the hallways at school, he would always stop me and ask me how I was doing; he always kept me smiling and going.”

Spell heard about Coach Q’s death from Quebodeaux’s mother-in-law, and he didn’t think the news was true.  “This can’t be true because we spoke the night before.”

He then called Schrader to tell him.   “I was in shock and didn’t believe it at first,” admitted Schrader.  “I just talked to him a few days prior and everything was all good.”

Larry said she learned about Coach Q’s death from the coaches and other players.  “My immediate reaction was shocking. I was surprised to hear because he was my ‘go to’ when I was having a bad game.”

Senior first baseman Jaysa Marceaux learned about Coach Q’s death from her mom.  “I was really sad, and I wanted to know what happened,” said Marceaux.

Both coaches talked about how they felt when they heard. “I was really sad because not only did he pass away, but I was on a family vacation 20 hours away and wouldn’t be able to make it back for the service or the funeral,” said Schrader.  “I lost my road dawg,” added Spell.

Pulling said he was “shocked” to learn about Coach Q’s death on Facebook.  “I felt like he was far too young. I also hurt for his young family, his wife and children,” he said.

Former Crowley Ladies outfielder Amber Vincent, 19, recalled how she learned about his passing from former teammates. “I was sad because, not only did we lose a great coach, we lost our friend.”

Schrader and Spell mentioned their favorite memories of Coach Q on the field.  “Every time a girl would make a really good play or get a good hit, his face would light up as if he was a proud father of what a daughter had accomplished,” said Schrader.  Spell added, “Waiting for him to still bring me my dang RedBull and talking about the coach in the red shorts.”

Schrader also spoke about his favorite memory off the field.  “The funny texts he would send and get all of us coaches to laugh.”

Pulling recalled his favorite memory.  “To see how excited he was immediately after we won a playoff game to send us to the state tournament.”

Larry mentioned what she will miss the most.  “Not seeing him standing in the dugout cheering us on and him talking to us after the games telling us we can do better.”

Marceaux added, “He won’t be there anymore to help pick our heads up when we make an error.”

Vincent stated she will miss their talks. “I will miss the times we would talk about things that were going on and the times he would see me and call me ‘mosquito.’ And, the endless times we would laugh and say ‘my family (the mosquitoes)  is biting us.’”

Spell said he and Coach Q had fun times.  “He and I would always cut up on Facebook and me giving him a hard time about them sorry Saints or when we beat the bricks off Church Point.”

Marceaux mentioned what she will remember about Quebodeaux off the field.  “His funny personality. He lit up the room.”

“We shared some pretty funny moments off the field,” noted Pulling. “He was always joking around and having a good time. I’d share a few of those, but they probably wouldn’t go over so well in the school paper.”

Marceaux also gave her favorite memory of Coach Q on the field.  “His motivation whenever I messed up.” She said she will also remember his funny personality.   “He lit up a room.”

Pulling wanted to say that Coach Q was a players coach.  “He made sure the team stayed focused in the dugout during the games.”

Larry expressed how she felt about Coach Q.  “I feel that not everybody will have someone like Coach Q to pick them, up.  Having him not here will affect us in that way.”

Coach Schrader shared a memory of Coach Q.  “Every time a girl would make a really good play or get a good hit his would light up as if he was a proud father of what a daughter had accomplished.”

Spell stated, “He picked up the girls when they were down on themselves.”

“I feel that not everybody will have someone like Coach Q to pick them up.  Having him not there will affect us in that way,” stated Larry.

Vincent added a final comment.  “Not only was he a great friend, coach, and mentor, he loved all of his girls.  Everyone knew that if something was wrong, we could go to him no matter what was going on in his life,” noted Vincent.  “He would listen and give good advice.”

Spell would like to add something.  “For you knew how much we cut up on and off the field, the things we would say, I’ll end this with, Rest In Peace and thank you for the memories you ‘BBH.’ I love you, Brother.  Till we meet again. Moo.”

Coach Schrader added a final comment about Coach Q.  “The only other thing that he loved more than softball was his wife and kids.  He loved them dearly and would do anything in his power to be there for them. Even if he was very sick, he did his absolute best always to be the best father and husband that he could be.  I really respected that and made me strive to be a better father and husband. That is the most important legacy that he left behind. Softball is a game when it all comes down to it, but in life, the most important things are God and family.”

Quebodeaux wanted to thank everyone who worked with Coach Q at Crowley High.  “I want to thank everyone at Crowley High for welcoming him into the school family.  I also want to thank everyone for being so understanding during his sick times when he could not be there,” she said.  “The only thing that kept him trudging through his school days for so long was his love of his Ladies and Gents.”

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