Lejeune’s Gentry Players Perform ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

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Lejeune’s Gentry Players Perform ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

Annalise Matte, Staff Writer

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The Crowley High Gentry Players, under the direction of Zachary Lejeune, put on a production of “Little Shop of Horrors” on April 20 at the Rice Theatre in downtown Crowley.

“Little Shop of Horrors” is a movie and musical about a flower shop assistant by the name of Seymour who is pining over his co-worker Audrey. During a solar eclipse, Seymour discovers an unusual plant by which he named Audrey II. The plant starts to grow attention toward the flower shop, but Seymour figures out that his Audrey II plant will only feed on human flesh and blood. Seymour then feeds the plant Audrey’s dentist boyfriend, Orin Scrivello, after his sudden and accidental death. After the first feeding, Seymour must find more bodies for the bloodthirsty Audrey II that only gets hungrier.

Sophomore  Travis Hayes who portrayed the characters Orin Scrivello, Bernstein, and Wino explained why he wanted to be a part of this production. “My sister (Amber) did drama, and I wanted to try it out.”

Orin Scrivello is a doctor of dental surgery who is the first victim of the man-eating plant. Hayes did not audition for a specific role, but he immensely enjoyed playing one of the main characters.

Hayes explained the challenges of playing Scrivello.  “(Orin) has a loud voice, and he is mean,” explained Hayes.  “I have to be a completely different person.”
Hayes also mentioned the easiest part about playing the character.  “Yelling and acting. I just go with it and it works.”

Hayes didn’t believe that another drama member could have portrayed Orin Scrivello better than he did.  “I got it down,” he said.

Hayes also mentioned his favorite line of dialogue is, “Say AH!”

The sophomore admitted that hardest thing about bringing this production to life was the memorization of the lines and actions.

According to Hayes, he thought his costume was the best because of his character’s leather jacket.

Also according to Hayes, another person who will blow the audience away is freshman Angelo Cuccio with his performance of flower shop owner Mr. Mushnik. “He’s never been the yelling type.  I’m still not used to hearing him scream.”

Although he did not audition for the part, Lejeune saw a video of him singing and wanted him for the part.

“Mushnik and I both yell a ton, however, I do it because it’s fun.  He does it because he’s always angry,” Cuccio said, explaining the differences and similarities between himself and the character.

He also said the hardest thing about playing Mushnik was the anger he has to portray.  “I have a hard time being angry. I can’t stay mad for too long before I start to crack up.”

Cuccio added, “I think everyone likes bits of Mushnik, not the whole thing.”

Cuccio’s favorite line of dialogue is “You are finished!”

Cuccio had nothing but nice things to say about everyone involved.  “I think everyone in and out the production was amazing and will blow the audience away.”

Cuccio thinks that Hayes had a great costume, although Phoenix Kubes “take the cake” because he was the plant.

According to Cuccio, Davan Manuel is most like his character because both came from small towns and “rough beginnings.”

He admits that drama is difficult to accept and join at first. “But you end up creating a family out of complete strangers and it’s totally worth it.”

Cuccio would love to perform Heathers, or even Dear Evan Hansen next.

Senior Tristin Robinson-Williams auditioned blindly for the role of Ronnette whom is a chorus girl. “She is completely different from me in almost every aspect.”

Robinson said it was hard for her to do her character’s voice.  “My character has a very deep voice and I do not, which made it difficult for me to portray this character.”

Robinson, however, admitted why the character was easy for her to portray.  “She’s sassy, so it’s easy to get into character,” she said. “Anyone who is sassy will like my character because they will be able to relate.”

Robinson admits that it’s easier to act as Ronnette than it is to be herself. “If Ronnette messes up, no one cares, but if Tristin messes up, it’s indefinite.”

Robinson’s favorite actor was Hayes. “He’s a psycho and is amazing on his feet.”

She thought that Audrey had the best costume because her character gets to wear pajamas.

When Robinson is not performing the role of the chorus girl, she is singing songs from the soundtrack of the play.

It looks like there may be a Drama Fine Arts Class next year.  “I’m super excited for people to learn theatre as a class,” she said.  “You may not think it’s something you would enjoy, but I promise once you start, you’ll fall in love.”

Robinson-Williams offered advice to potential drama members.  “Don’t imagine yourself on stage, think of your character on stage.”

All three drama members can safely say that they enjoyed drama this year.

The CHS Gentry Players have already scheduled its next performance, which will be “The Wizard of Oz” on March 28, 2019 at Crowley High School.

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Lejeune’s Gentry Players Perform ‘Little Shop of Horrors’