Chris Lewis Selected as Crowley High Gent

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Chris Lewis Selected as Crowley High Gent

Kassie Schexnayder, Staff Writer

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Senior Chris Lewis has been selected as the 2018 Crowley High School Gent.

Lewis, who has a 3.2 grade-point average, explained what being given this title represents.  “It means a lot because I feel like I am Crowley High.”

He was not surprised when he heard the news.  “I said, ‘It had to be me.’”

Jordan Mouton is one of Lewis’ friends and has known him all of his life.  “He deserves Gent of Crowley High because it takes personality, charisma, and work ethic.  Chris is a great person outside and inside of school. There is no one more deserving.”

Jeptha Wall coached Lewis in both football and track for four years.  “He is a great representative of our student body and the Senior Class,” said Wall.  “He has been a great role model for our student body and community children.”

English teacher Kalita Watson taught Lewis as a sophomore and as a senior. “ definitely a true Gentleman.  He is a young man who is respectful, considerate, polite and courteous.  His kind nature and friendly demeanor make him deserving of this title.”

She explained what kind of student Lewis is.  “Chris has moments in the classroom when he is extremely quiet (but always listening) or enthusiastically engaged in classroom discussions/lessons,” she stated. “He understands having a willingness to learn is critical to his success. This attribute is why he is a pleasant student.”

Lewis was a member of the Crowley High football team for four years, helping the Gents to an undefeated season in 2015 and two quarterfinal appearances in 2015 and 2017. He played cornerback, wide receiver, and free safety.

Lewis recalled one of his favorite football memories occurred in the Gents’ 24-15 win over the Iowa Yellowjackets in the 2017 playoffs.  “In round two against Iowa, we were down 15-6, and we needed a touchdown,” he said. “I came out of that locker room with it on my mind. BOOM, 80-yard touchdown. Now, we have a game.”

Lewis also participated in track for four years, and he did the triple jump, long jump, high jump, 100-meter dash, and all three relays. He was a member of two regional championship teams, and he participated in the triple jump in the Class 3A State Track and Field Meet as a junior and a senior, winning the title this year.

Wall thinks Lewis is best at track.  “He has excelled in this sport since he first set foot on our campus.  He was on the state runner-up team his sophomore year. He placed second at state his junior year and won state this year in the triple jump.”

Of the two sports, Lewis admitted football is his favorite.  “It’s the sport me and all of my bros grew up playing.”

Mouton said he and Lewis have played football together since Mouton was 10 years old.

He thinks football is Lewis’ best sport. “This man runs a 4.5 with lightning acceleration.  He is one of the best one on one receivers when given the opportunity.”

He was a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) for three years while at CHS.

Lewis also participated in the United Way Reading Program where he went to elementary schools and encouraged them to read.

He said that sports are his favorite part of Crowley High.  “We are a very talented school.”

Lewis hasn’t decided on which college he will go to but he is planning on studying software development. “(I want to) be successful and financially stable.”

He plans on playing sports after high school, too because it could help him pay for his college tuition.

A life lesson Lewis learned at CHS is not to become discouraged.  “The ups and downs made me a young man,” he said. “Coaches left and that affected me, but I never held a grudge.  I was upset at first. Then I noticed I couldn’t do anything about it and understood.”

Although Mouton thinks Lewis is a positive influence in athletics, he also thinks the same is true for academics.  “He never slacks and accepts nothing less than his goal.”

Watson has personally witnessed Lewis positively impact her classroom.  “There were moments in 4th hour in which his influence was greatly appreciated.”

Watson concluded with, “Chris has an aura that is sensed well before he approaches you with his warm smile.  May Christopher continue to walk in life as a Gentleman using his kind nature and friendly demeanor as tools towards his future success.”

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Chris Lewis Selected as Crowley High Gent