Sarah Hanks Selected Student of the Year

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Sarah Hanks Selected Student of the Year

Sarah Hanks

Sarah Hanks

Sarah Hanks

Sarah Hanks

Skye Wagers, Staff Writer

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Crowley High School senior Sarah Hanks has been named the 2017-18 student of the year.

Hanks, who has a 4.0 grade-point average (4.19 weighted), explained what it’s like to receive one of the school’s top individual awards.  “It is an honor to be recognized as the student of the year. It’s like that my hard work has been noticed and appreciated.

“It was nice to see how impressed my family looked when I told them I was the student of the year,” she added.

Hanks gave her thoughts about her senior year.   “The best part of senior year has been the bittersweet feeling that surrounds everything. I am so excited to start college and a new phase in my life, but I feel sad when I think of all of the things I have to leave behind.

“I think because it is my last year, I appreciate everything more.  Every dance or football game or pep rally is more special because I know that I won’t get that more anymore.”

During her years at CHS, Hanks has been involved in many clubs. She was in Student Council for four years and served as this year’s president.  She also served as secretary. She was on the Topper Staff for three years, serving as junior editor and editor-in-chief. A three-year member of the Interact, Hanks was the club’s president for one year and the vice-president this year.  She was also in the National Honor Society, 4H, and Key Club for two years, and the Glee Club, Drama Club, Prom Committee, and band for one year. She was also a United Way Reader for one year.

Hanks won many awards while at CHS.  She was chosen as the Student of the Month by the faculty, and she was also selected for the Honesty and Integrity Award in her junior year.

Hanks won first place in both the school science and social studies fairs, and she placed first in a speech competition while in 4H.  Hanks placed first in biology and English III and second in Introduction to Business Applications at the district literary rally held each year at Louisiana State University at Eunice.

In her first three years, she has had the highest grade-point average in physical science, civics, English II, U.S. history, algebra II, and biology.

Hanks explained that her favorite subject is calculus.  “It is challenging. Her favorite teacher of all her years is English teacher, Kalita Watson because she likes to challenge them to think more deeply and to push their self.

Hanks has been able to take college classes at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette this year while still being a Crowley High student.  “I am enrolled in UL’s dual enrollment program. I attend my classes just like a regular college student.”

Hanks attended classes Monday through Thursday.  “I only take calculus II at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and I just passed calculus I with an A.”

Hanks explained the process to get into UL.  “There was an application for dual enrollment. I had to send my application, ACT scores, and immunization forms to get into the program.”

Kaitlyn Trahan, who is Hanks best friend, explained how the two of them became acquainted.  “We became friends by sitting next to each other in band, but her sarcastic sense of humor is what drew me in,” explained Trahan.

The two have known each other for 3 ½ years.  “Although, sometimes it feels like we’ve known each other our whole life,” said Trahan.

Trahan thinks Hanks deserved being named the student of the year.  “Sarah is hard-working, well-rounded, and an excellent role model,” stated Trahan.  “I know she will go far in life, and hopefully she’ll be rich like she always tells me.  She’s caring and strong and anyone would be lucky to be her friend.”

Trahan admitted she is grateful to have Hanks as a friend.  “She may get on my nerves from time to time with her stubbornness, but she always makes me laugh and she has always been there for me.”

Acadia Parish School Board Helping Teacher Tammy Meche, who was one of the judges for the student of the year applicants, mentioned that the decision was not easy.  “Meeting Sarah, as well as the other student of the year applicants, was quite an experience,” she said. “The interview filled morning was entertaining and selecting ‘one’ was challenging.  Every senior interviewed was impressive. Each person represented themselves professionally. Each person shared their personal story as well as their hope and plans for their future.”

Meche explained why Hanks was selected.  “The single most compelling thing about Hanks was her empathy and clarity.  Hanks came across as an intelligent, empowered young lady who has her own voice.  Her desire and willingness to see more in people and situations was admirable. Hanks speaks thoughtfully and is an excellent writer. Hanks is a strong representative of a wonderful high school.”

Hanks plans to attend Louisiana State University to major in computer engineering and minor in biological engineering.  After she graduates from college, Hanks plans to gain some work experience and then start her own biotech company.

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My name is Skye Wagers and I am 17 years old. I go to Crowley High School. When I graduate I want to go to college to become a nurse. I want to go to LSUE...

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Sarah Hanks Selected Student of the Year